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ALWAYS A Martial Artist... ALWAYS A Teacher...

2013 IKF World Classic... Keeping a Watchful Eye.

2013 IKF World Classic. Brooks & Cheif Medical Doctor, Dr. Allan Fields.

2013 IKF World Classic. Brooks & Trainer Ben Kiker of Georgia.

On The Trip To The 2013 IKF World Classic,
Dan Stell (L) And Steve Fossum (r) Stopped By The Brooks Home in Omaha Nebraska.

2011 IKF West coast Classic. Brooks At the Far Left...

Montreal, Canada December, 1984
Don: "Jean Yves Theriault had the class to visit my locker room after our fight. We earned each other's respect in the ring just a few moments before and could now relax together and begin recuperating.
Brooks Mason my Kickboxing Trainer, my girlfriend at the time Lori Howard and Charles Dobson my Cardio, Diet, and Strength Coach.
Seems like yesterday and a thousand years ago.

July 2001, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Limpur Malaysia.
Dave Marinoble of Roseville, CA, USA (17-2-2/8) to fight Champion Tommy Kimber of Salem, Massachuttes, USA (17-2/10, AM KB: 7-3) for Kimber's IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Middleweight World title he won on May 15th, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, when he defeated Curtis Bush of Virginia Beach Virginia, USA (42-9-2 with 30 KO's) by unanimous decision.
On July 28th, 2001 Marinoble defeated Kimber by TKO at 1:08 of the 8th round in Kuala Limpur MALAYSIA at the Shah Alam Stadium.
In this photo prior to the bout (L-R)
Paul Grima of Australia, Brooks Mason IKF World Ambassador & IKF Representative, Dick Kimber, Tom's brother and trainer, Steve Fossum IKF, Tommy Kimber, Chuck Wolfe IKF Representative & judge, Dan Stell IKF World Referee, Greg Kirkpatrick, Marinobles traine, Can't remember the guy far right… sorry…

Back in the day... Brooks Mason...

Dennis Alexio vs Don the Dragon Wilson.
Hollywood Florida 1984 on NBC TV.
Brooks Mason In Wilson's corner far Right.

Working the corner for Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Making Things Happen at the IKF World Classic Tournament in Orlando, Florida, USA

Don "The Dragon" Wilson, - Dan Stell and Brooks Mason at the
2010 IKF World Classic Tournament in Orlando, Florida, USA

Brooks With...
Peyton Russell

(Two Time IKF USA National Amateur Champion & 2002 IKF North American Amateur Champion
IKF Pro United States Champion.
Brooks Mason
Stephen Thompson
(Three Time IKF USA National Amateur Champion, 2002 IKF North American Amateur Champion and 2003 IKF Amateur World Champion
Pro MMA Fighter & Kickboxer

Don, Brooks and David DiQuollo before he fought Jerry Clark. This was on ESPN.

Brooks wearing his space shuttle padding with duct tape...way before anyone actually produced equipment like this....
and David DiQuollo with the short shorts before anyone was producing longer shorts....this was cool then...

1984: It was the first Karate fight of the Century in Montreal. Don Wilson vs Jean Yves Theriault.
The bout ended in a SHOCKING Draw.
On the way out of the ring, the Canadian fight fans were chanting "DRAGON, DRAGON, DRAGON!"
It was a TERRIBLE Decision!
Dragon won this bout HANDS DOWN! So much for politics..
Brooks: "Every minute in the ring with Don was like Christmas. No matter how hard I pushed him he stayed. No matter what I asked he delivered. And he always had my coffee."

Brooks, Don Wilson, Steve Fossum & The Jhoon Rhee Family

Early Years

Working David DiQuollo's Corner

Brooks & Dean Lessie

IKF Mexico Fights, 2010


Kasper Harrison (L) of Coopers Kickboxing in Detroit, Michigan and Shane Shappley (R) of Memphis Tennessee congratate each other after a great bout.
Harrison won the bout by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 30-26).
Brooks Mason (L) prepares to award the title belt as Referee Carlton Duncan looks on.

1999: The First ever IKF Tournament, Council Bluffs Iowa, USA
L-R: Mick Doyle, Steve Fossum, Dan Stell, Marshall Hamel, Brooks Mason, Ricardo Sanders, & Duke Roufus.

Brooks Mason and Eugene Ray (R) who was the original Trainer of Dennis Alexio.
Mason and Brooks had a good workout together sparring with each other and
IKF President Steve Fossum at Fossum's Karate & Kickboxing gym and IKF World Headquarters in Newcastle, CA, USA.

1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Champion, Dan Rawlings of Euclid Ohio, USA poses after his championship win with
Gene Fields (Trainer from Modesto, CA, USA) and, Brooks Mason.

Brooks Working Out Inside Golden Cobra's Gym
Cottonwood, Arizona, April, 2012

Brooks (L: Back to us) Judging IKF Kickboxing
Cottonwood, Arizona, April, 2012

L-R: IKF Referee Mike Storm, IKF President Steve Fossum, 2011IKF WC Raul Bustamante
2012 IKF World Champ Sergio Ortiz, Brooks
Cottonwood, Arizona, April, 2012
Sergio Ortiz just won the IKF world title over Cecil Tudor.

L-R: Brooks, IKF President Steve Fossum, IKF Promoter Richard williams & IKF Referee Mike Storm
Cottonwood, Arizona, April, 2012

Who doesn't love Brooks!
Cottonwood, Arizona, April, 2012

At work... Makin It Happen!

Brooks with IKF Official Jim VanOver - 2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks with one of Ben Kiker's Champions - 2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks With Champion & Runner -up - 2012 IKF World Classic

Awarding the Championship Belt - 2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks & Don wilson With A Champion - 2012 IKF World Classic

Two of THE BVEST! Brooks with World Champion Trainer Gary Brown.
2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks, IKF Champion Kevin Hudson, IKF Official Mike Storm
2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks with Dr. Allan Fields - 2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks With Another Champion - 2012 IKF World Classic

Brooks Mason With Australia's Paul Grima Before The IKF World Title Event.
July 2001, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Limpur Malaysia.

CONTACT INFO: (402) 805-3079 or by e-mail at

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